We are a non-profit organization that provides programs for the prevention of violence and support for those who have been victims of this type of act, inspiring them with the love of life.

This corporation is organized and operated exclusively for public purposes within the meaning of Section 501 (c)(3), Internal Revenue Code

Welcome to Loving Life on-line, here you will find not only information about our support and prevention programs, but also, you will be able to meet and contact people who are already loving life. You will also find a way to support our organization by making a donation so that more lives will be inspired and saved.
Lianna Rebolledo - Founder.

What we believe in

- Our Philosophy -

To build a culture where life is respected and loved from
its prenatal phase until its natural death.

How we share it

- Our programs -

We are looking to unite forces of millions of people to prevent physical, psychological
and sexual abuse by taking specific actions along with governmental institutions,
civil associations and religious institutions/communities.



Comunicadora por profesión, activista por vocación
y humanista por amor a la vida.

Lianna comparte no solo su testimonio sino también un
mensaje de inspiración basado en el amor y el respeto.
Es una guerrera de la vida con una meta especifica:
ayudar, inspirar y educar.

Lianna Rebolledo puede formar parte de tu
siguiente reunión, evento ó entrevista

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- The blog -

In this section we keep an update of news, articles and testimonials
that will help you/encourage you to be informed about the true value of life.

El Arte de amar, una transformación mágica.

La defensa a la vida invadió Washington DC

Cómo mantener el equilibrio entre la autoridad y la paz familiar

Ways to help

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Your generosity, no matter how much it is (how big or small), gives us
the possibility to keep inspiring lives through our programs.
Your donation could save a life today.

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No matter where you live, our Loving Life organization is looking for
volunteers that want to be part of these LOVING movement.

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purpose and goal, to send out the message of Loving Life.
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